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Purpose Statement: This Faculty Development Plan is the result of consultations with Dr. XXX (Department Chair), and Dr. XXX concerning what she believes to be her strengths and capabilities, and what the department determined to be her needs and what is expected during her candidacy for the continuing status period. This document is intended to serve as a working document and vision statement outlining expectations for continuing status and to assist the Department of Physical Education in annual performance evaluations. This plan is presented in three different parts:

Part 1: Self-assessment of the faculty member on strengths, skills, competencies in the areas of teaching, citizenship, and research--creative works. Each area will have a second part which is discussed next.

Part 2: Professional goals, the plan to accomplish these goals, and the resources needed to accomplish them in each area.

Part 3: The relationship between individual goals, the department, and the University aspirations and needs.

Part 1 - Self-Assessment

Strengths, Skills, Competencies in the areas of: (A) teaching, (B) citizenship, and (C) research-- creative works

A. Teaching

I believe teaching is one of the noblest professions.  Teaching empowers others with greater knowledge and ability which will bless their lives throughout their future. Christ was the master teacher.  His life was lived that He might teach others and empower them with the ability to obtain eternal life. This same message is reflected in the mission of a BYU education "to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life." The opportunity to teach at BYU is both an honor and a great responsibility for me.

I have always felt I had a gift for teaching others. I believe this gift was developed and patterned after my father who also had a distinguished teaching career. Through my previous teaching experiences in the public schools and at the University level I have found great joy and developed a love of teaching others.  I believe one of my strengths is the ability to understand my students and relate to them. I learn my students names within the first week of instruction because it lets them know I care about them and that they are an important part of the class. I strive to maintain an open-door policy where students can come visit with me before class, after class, and in my office. I believe this fosters in my students a greater desire to learn and achieve the stated objectives of the class.

As a teacher I believe it is my responsibility to be a continual learner. I do this through incorporating the latest research and information into my courses. By attending professional conferences, workshops, and inservice training I am able to continually improve my own teaching abilities and impart that new knowledge to my students.

I have attempted to incorporate different learning styles in my teaching. Offering a variety of ways for the students to learn enhances their knowledge and retention.  Some of these methods include:

        Lecture and discussion

        Group Work - cooperatively working out answers to group questions

        Activity session on the gym floor which implements and reinforces what is being taught in lecture

        Practice teaching opportunity for my students in the public schools with children

It is my desire to continue with these teaching methods and seek for new ideas and activities which will enhance my teaching and my students learning.

Finally, I want to mention how blessed I feel to be teaching at a University which encourages an integration of course content with the spiritual knowledge and understanding which come from the gospel. Integrating these two areas is new to me as a teacher and I am very excited to be able to incorporate, so freely, a spiritual understanding of the concepts I teach. I look forward to discovering ways to make these connections for my students in an effort to fulfill the mission of the University "to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life."

Part 2 - Professional goals, plans and resources needed to accomplish the following teaching goals

Goal 1 -     Participate in the Fall 2001 Faculty Development Seminar.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Attend the New Faculty seminar every other week.

Resources needed: None

Goal 2 -     Participate in the Spring 2002 Faculty Development Series.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Attend the two week spring seminar and complete all assignments related to the series.

Resources needed: In consultation with my Department Chair, make arrangements to teach during the summer term so that my teaching of classes does not interfere with my ability to attend and complete the series.

Goal 3 -     Create and develop teaching materials which will enhance my teaching

Plans to accomplish this goal: Create new teaching signs as examples for my students assignments.  Learn to burn CD's with music that can be used in teaching fitness and other activities to children.  Create video clips of essential teaching behaviors which can be used in lecture/discussion to illustrate good teaching.

Resources needed: Nero CD recording computer software, Video Editing software, access to a digital camera, and monies from my Faculty Allotment for supplies for making signs and music CD's.

Goal 4 -     Evaluate my teaching each semester based on student evaluations, my mentor's recommendations, and suggestions from my department chair.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Review my students evaluations each semester looking for specific areas where they express concerns. Specific concerns for my first year have been in the area of my grading system; I plan to reevaluate and revise my grading system during the summer of 2002. Invite my mentor and department chair to observe my teaching and offer suggestions for improvement. Invite a SCOT from the Faculty Center to interview my students regarding the course.

Resources needed: Honest evaluations from my students and time from my mentor and department chair to observe my courses and give feedback. Arrange for a SCOT to visit my class.

B.  Citizenship

I strive to make service an integral part of my everyday life. Living the gospel has taught me important lessons related to giving service and developing positive relationships with others. I learned the value of service through serving a mission for the church. By following Christ's example of unselfishness and service to others I have been greatly blessed in my life. I intend to continue with many of the service opportunities I currently participate in and look for additional opportunities. I strive to live worthy of the temple recommend which I hold and value the role the temple plays in my life. I am currently volunteering once a week in the temple and plan to continue that as long as my circumstances allow. I plan on giving service to my ward and stake through my formal church calling and through volunteer opportunities to serve.

My personal philosophy of service carries over into my professional endeavors. I believe it is my responsibility to contribute to a comfortable working environment by having positive relationships with my colleagues and with my students. I feel that having a supportive relationship with my colleagues where I can receive help and guidance from them and can in turn assist them in their needs helps to foster a positive working environment. It is through building these relationships that together we can work to improve physical education programs in the public schools.

I believe it is my responsibility to help build quality physical education programs in the local public schools. I believe that through fostering and developing relationships with local district and school personnel, partnerships can be formed where I can provide expertise in program development and inservice opportunities to their teachers which will help build stronger programs for their students. It is through these relationships that I can assist the schools in creating quality physical education programs which will benefit children.

As part of my citizenship responsibilities I expect to have the opportunity to serve on various department, college, and university committees. I am currently serving on the XXX and expect to serve on other committees as I make progress toward my 3rd and 6th year reviews.  I also believe it is important to serve in professional organizations where appropriate. I am currently serving as secretary to the XXX president. Serving the profession by holding elected offices in professional organizations allows me to contribute to the development of the field of physical education.

Part 2 - Professional goals, plans and resources needed to accomplish the following citizenship goals

Goal 1 -     Serve on appropriate Department, College, and University committees or in assignments as requested.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Serve on committees as appropriate after consultation with my department chair and the dean of my college, especially during my first three years.

Resources needed: None

Goal 2 -     Become professionally involved in the YYY organization at national, district and state levels.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Continue to serve as the secretary to the XXX President of YYY. Participate in state, district, and national conventions as a participant and as a presenter at least once a year.

Resources Needed: Travel funds to support my attendance and presentations at conferences. Access to a laptop computer and Proxima projector for presentations.

Goal 3 -     Build relationships with local school districts and offer program development and inservice opportunities for their physical education teachers to strengthen their programs.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Get to know principals and teachers in the schools where I am placing my students and build relationships which will foster further dialog with other schools and district personnel. These relationships can then turn into opportunities for program development and inservice experiences.

Resources Needed: Support from my department chair in providing these services and potentially some financial support for the development of these programs.

C.  Research­Creative Works

One of the hallmarks of a good teacher is that they continue to push the envelope of knowledge in their given field of expertise. On-going research is the medium for gaining new knowledge and moving forward the understanding and abilities of those in the profession. I recognize this as an important responsibility of a faculty member at a University. I also believe that having an understanding of current research and conducting new research will enhance my teaching as I incorporate this knowledge in my lessons.

My line of research will begin by focusing on children and youth activity patterns and the measurement techniques used to assess activity levels. This is a fascinating line of research and has great potential for making a difference in the lives of children and youth. There is a growing concern over the health and fitness of children and youth as there has been a strong increase in obesity levels over the past 15 years. The gospel teaches us the value and importance of our physical bodies and even gives us guidelines regarding how we should take care of it (Word of Wisdom). This line of research has the potential for helping children and youth become more active and learn how to care for their physical bodies which in turn will enhance all other aspects of their lives.

I believe that faculty research should include opportunities for graduate students to work closely on research projects.  This is a complimentary relationship giving the faculty member needed help in the research process and providing the graduate student with an opportunity to learn the process of research and discovery under the guidance and tutelage of an accomplished researcher.  Additionally, collaborative research projects with other faculty members can enhance research as all bring different strengths to the process.

Part 2 - Professional goals, plans and resources needed to accomplish the following research and creative works goals

Goal 1 -     Designate one day a week (or two mornings) devoted to research/writing.

Plans to accomplish this goal:  Determine at the beginning of each new semester what time each week will be blocked out for research/writing and then stick to this schedule.

Resources needed: Work with my department chair on my schedule which would allow me to devote this time to research/writing.

Goal 2 -     Develop a research agenda which will have projects in all phases of the research process on a continual basis.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Each year have one research project in the data collection/analysis phase, 2-3 projects in the writing phase, and 1-2 articles submitted for publication.

Resources needed: The opportunity to work with graduate students and to have a research assistant available to assist in the research process.

Goal 3 -     Submit 1-2 articles for publication in refereed journals each year.

Plans to accomplish this goal: Collect data on research projects that will provide enough data to answer several research questions leading to multiple articles. I will utilize the research time blocked out in my schedule to do the writing.

Resources needed: Same as needs for two previous goals.

Goal 4 -     Have at least 5 first author publications by my 6th year review.

Plans to accomplish this goal: By keeping to the above goals I feel that the accomplishment of this goal will be a natural byproduct. Listed below are some of the research projects which are already in process:

           Effects of Seasonal Differences on Activity Patterns of Utah Children (XXX, XXX)

           Measuring Activity Levels, Body Composition, and Self-esteem of American, Swedish,
          and Australian Children. (XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX)

           Reactivity in Adults when using Sealed and Unsealed Pedometers. (XXX, XXX)

           Characteristics of Quality Physical Education Programs and Curriculum (XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX)

Resources needed: Same as needs for goals above.

Part 3 - The relationship between individual goals, the department, and the University aspirations and needs.

In my short time here as a faculty member I have been very impressed and inspired by the mission of the University and the Physical Education Department. I have observed great men and women humbly approach the Lord, inviting the Spirit to guide their decisions and actions in relationship to their students and other responsibilities. The mission of the Physical Education Department "to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and Eternal Life, emphasizing the truth that 'the human body is sacred, the veritable tabernacle of the divine spirit'" flows directly from the overall mission of the University to "assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life." I believe in the above mission statements and feel it a great honor and responsibility to be a faculty member at this University. I feel that the goals I have set forth in this document will help me progress professionally and personally and will positively contribute to the missions of the my department and the University.

Resources Needed

The list below summarizes the resources needed as outlined in the individual goals in this document.

1. At least 25% release time, per my contact, for research/creative works.

2. Access to a graduate research assistant 10-15 hours a week to assist in my research endeavors.

3. The travel funds necessary for me to participate in professional conferences to further my professional development efforts.

4. Faculty allotted funds for teaching supplies during the academic year.

5. Access to appropriate media including a lap-top computer and Proxima for presentations and research purposes, and digital cameras to assist in my teaching.

6. Nero CD recording computer software, Video Editing software.

7. A Library copy-card.

Dr. XXX and the Department of Physical Education agree that the goals and resources addressed within this plan will lead the faculty candidate toward building a successful continuing status and rank advancement over the next six years.


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